The rules of play will be those in accordance of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, together with the local rules of the club that are displayed on the scorecard. Further and temporary local rules will be displayed on the notice board.

Rules of etiquette must be observed at all times. Please avoid slow play. On busy days if you have lost more than a hole on the match in front you must invite the match behind you to play through.

Green Staff have priority on the course at all times. Please replace divots and rake the bunkers.

The Club Captain and the Club President have priority on the first tee at all times.

Players taking part in an official club competition have priority both on the first tee and on the course. They are entitled to, and must be allowed to, play through all other games.

To avoid disqualification from a competition, members must ensure before commencing play that;

Immediately after completion of the round players must;

All Gents Medals, Major Competitions and League matches will be played off white markers.

4 Players are the maximum permitted in any match.

Practicing on the course will not be tolerated. Please do not practice chipping around greens and play practice balls from fairways or tees. The maximum number of balls that can be played by any player is 2. This is your course please look after it.

On Sundays after 11am ladies playing in competitions have priority on the first tee.

At certain times the first tee will be reserved for competitions, matches and societies.

Member requiring a handicap must submit three cards signed by a marker acceptable to the Competition / Handicap Committee. Members with a previous handicap must inform the Competition Secretary before playing in any club competition.

Junior members with a handicap of 18 or below may play in all club competitions except those competitions that have an age limit in place.

Juniors with a handicap of 19 to 28 may play in all monthly / weekly medals and Stableford, Pro’s prizes and Captains prizes.

Junior members with a handicap of 20 or more must not play before 10.00 on a Sunday.

Junior members that are ineligible to play in weekend competitions must not play before 15.00 on a Saturday and 14.00 on a Sunday.

Juniors eligible to play in competitions may play at any time but there must not be any more than 3 juniors per match and no more than one junior aged 12 or below.

It is recommended that juniors below the age of sixteen do not play on the course alone.

When a group of players wish to progress from the 18th green to the first tee (because they have started play on the 9th) they DO NOT have priority over a group of players waiting on the first tee.

If there is more than one group waiting on the first tee then a system of alternation should be adopted. However it is expected that in all cases common sense and good conduct should prevail that is consistent with the best interest of the club and of the sporting nature of the game of golf.

We are committed to giving our members the widest variety of golf competitions we can including competitions to get Gents, Ladies and Juniors all playing together.

Look out for the Joint Captains AM AM and Scramble, fun competitions where you pick your own teams and play for a dazzling array of prizes.

Last year we introduced the Club Championship Competition in memory of Jack Oxspring. This is played over 6 rounds throughout the summer season. We would encourage every eligible member to compete in this competition to become our Club Champion.

For the ladies there is the ever popular Champions Bowl, donated by Ann Methley, the winner of this trophy is our Ladies Club Champion.

We have introduced an extra Stableford competition through the summer months. This is a great additional opportunity for our 5 day members to get your handicap down.